Short Biography

Mohd Azli Salim is currently senior lecturer of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka. He is also the principal reseracher of the Advanced Materials Characterization Laboratory (AMCHAL), principal researcher from Green and Efficient Energy Technolgy (GReeT) and The Certified Practitioner TRIZ Level 3.

He was published over 70 journal papers indexed by various indexing including Thomson Reuters and Scopus. In addition, he also published over 80 international conference papers espicially in Malaysia, United Kingdom, China, Vietnam, Brunei, Indonesia and many more. In 2017, he was delivered the keynote speech at Gunma University, Japan and the title of the presentation is “Recent Advances and Challenges on Rubber Materials as a New Anti-Vibration System due to Mathematical Approach”. He also published several book of chapters and academic module in Elsevier. His research interests include vibration control, materials characterization, numerical analysis, acoustic, finite element and modelling.


Keynote Speech: “Recent Advances in Modelling Reliability and Quality for Diversity the Rubber Based Products”

Rubber products commonly used as a vibration isolators, medical application devices, insulation systems and many more. Normally, these common products have been tested via mechanical testing which is also known as destructive approach. The challenging is how significant the testing results can be influenced the requirements, and how many testings should be applied for a good results. By using modelling approach, the challenging can be minimized as well as the testings approach can be neglected. There different approaches are developed: (i) lumped parameter model, (ii) distrubuted paramater system and (iii) discrete lumped parameter system. By using these approahes, it is found that the isolation performance can be investigated and evaluated by using numerical solution. Finally, the way forward for research and development of reliability of modelling in diversity the rubbe based product by using modelling approach.